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Top tips


The type of study that you choose will need to be flexible so that you can still meet your personal and financial commitments. To have the best chance of success your course of study needs to fit well with your home situation, your interests and with your career aspirations.

  • Think carefully about your current commitments and then look at how you can manage your study flexibly to fit in with these.
  • Research the courses that you are interested in that are available in your local area.  Find out what hours/days they run on and what options there are for a flexible approach to gaining the qualification you want.
  • Find out how much study time is needed in addition to the course attendance hours.  You will need to plan in time for reading, writing assignments, revision etc.
  • Think about the best way for you to study.  Consider whether you learn better working in a class or group with others, or if you are happy to learn independently at home.
  • Consider taking a brief preparatory course to top up your skills, or even a short Level 4 course first to get a taste. Remember breaking things into manageable bite-sized pieces can be a good way to achieve long term goals.
  • Find out as much as you can about the colleges and universities in your local area and the courses they offer. 
  • Discuss your plans with your employer, family and friends.  They may be able to offer useful advice and support.

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