What, where, how to study

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Choosing a place

Most adults will choose to study at a place near to home. However, sometimes the course you want to do will not be available in your local area or you might quite like the idea of moving away from home to study.

Some of the key questions you will need to consider if you need to move away from home to study will be:

  • What type of accommodation is available to me?  e.g. University Halls of Residence, renting in the private sector
  • What other associated expenses will I encounter?  e.g. Council Tax, utility bills, internet access
  • Will I be eligible for Housing Benefit?

Where can I find out more? 

Many colleges and universities will have a Student Services Centre or a Student Accommodation Section. They are a good source of information for people making enquiries about accommodation and associated costs. Find a Provider.

Whether you need to be home based, or have the flexibility to consider colleges and universities further afield, it is essential that you research your options and ideas thoroughly.

Look at the Unistats website.
This site gives information on each course, including student satisfaction, employment after the course, costs of university of private accommodation etc.

Each college and university produces a prospectus and has a website that will help answer your questions. For those institutions that interest you most, attend an Open Day. The opportunity to meet students and lecturers and view facilities is a great way to get a feel for a place.

To find out when open days are taking place.

Get top tips on making the most of an Open day

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