Starting with few qualifications

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Specific courses to help adults prepare for degree level study.

If you know you want to do a degree in the future, but would like to do a course first to help you prepare for study at a higher education level - then read on!

You do not usually need qualifications to start these courses but you would need to show you have the potential to manage the level of work required. These courses can be an excellent way into higher level study for adults.

Access to HE Diploma Courses, offered in local colleges, are designed for people who would like to study a higher education course but who have few or no formal qualifications. Access courses help adults develop the skills they need to move onto a degree.

Open University's Access Modules are introductory-level Open University courses which have been specially designed to help adults find out what it’s like to study with the OU, get a taste of a subject area, develop learning skills, and build confidence.

Foundation Year Courses are offered by some universities. This one year extension to the degree programme is designed for those who lack the subject specific qualifications normally needed for entry, and is suitable for a range of entrants. This includes students who do not meet the minimum academic entry requirements but have significant life and/or work experience.

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