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Choosing a course and a place to study

Choosing a course and place to study:

You might know what you want to study, how and where already but if you need support go to the 'What, where and how to study' section to find out the types of courses available, the different ways to study and how to choose a course to suit you.

The main thing is to make sure the course will provide you with what you want, this might be employment, a change of career, personal interest, promotion, etc.

Gather as much information as you can, you could:

  • Look at the Which? University site and search for courses, unis and more.
  • Check out the Sector Skills Council for the sector you are interested in to see what qualifications they require.
  • Find out what other people leaving the course have gone on to do by looking at the Unistats site.
  • Check out the graduate jobs that are available related to your subject choice through Prospects, The Guardian, etc.

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