Getting back to work

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Studying or training to get back to work

There are many study and training opportunities that could help you get back into work.

These range from:


Whatever you choose here are a few key points you should consider to find the best study or training option to suit your needs:

Make sure the qualification you want to do is wanted by employers:

  • Look at Sector Skills Councils' websites to find out what qualifications are wanted in your chosen sector and to find out latest job trends where you live.
  • Look at job profiles to see what skills and qualifications are needed in specific jobs and start thinking about which ones you have and which ones you need to get.

Explore your study choices:

  • There are all sorts of courses available including part-time and through distance learning. Look at the 'What, where and How to study' section to find out more.
  • More and more adults are starting Apprenticeships, which aim to help people learn a job and earn at the same time.
  • Search for learning opportunities through local providers' own sites, for full time degree or Foundation degrees look at the UCAS site.
  • Look at the Unistats websites to see course satisfaction data including the number of people who got jobs after the course and what they earn.
  • Look at course entry requirements but be aware that adults can sometimes again entry by using their experience.

Check the costs and implications if you are on benefits:

Get one-to-one advice about the best study option for you:

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