Changing job or career

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Preparing for job change through learning

Getting a qualification can help improve your skills, build up your expertise and improve your self confidence.

A new qualification will help you promote yourself on CVs and at interviews. Being able to show on your CV that you have started a course, tells your future employer that you are commited to improving yourself and have self motivation!

If you want to study in preparation for a change of job you will need to consider the best course to suit your needs and how much time you can afford to spend studying.

Finding out what qualifications and skills are needed:

  • Explore the sort of jobs you are interested in and see what sort of skills, experience and qualifications are required by looking at the Sector Skills Councils' website for the vocational sector you would like to work in.
  • Look at job profiles to see what skills and qualifications are needed and start thinking about which ones you have and which ones you need to get.
  • Complete the NE Career Engine HE Skills Map which will help you think about experiences, skills and achievements you already have and see how they map to skills valued within higher education.

Exploring the range of learning opportunities:

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