Benefits of study

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Personal benefits

It's not just the money there are lots of personal benefits from higher level study too!


A recent survey of adults between the ages of 25 and 45 years old found that 60% of those in higher education thought that for getting the right job, contacts developed during higher education level study were as important as their qualification.

Surveys repeatedly show that adults embarking on higher level study gain considerable other personal benefits including:

  • acquiring work related and other new skills (employers are keen on graduates because of their higher level skills - irrespective of the subjects they studied).
  • learning how to think
  • becoming an independent and lifelong learner
  • improving writing, reading, numeracy, IT and other key skills
  • developing a broader view of the world
  • enjoying a healthier lifestyle
  • discovering new personal interests and activities
  • meeting new friends
  • self awareness and self discovery

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