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Applying for part-time study is simpler and quicker than for a full-time course.  Applications for part-time courses are made directly to the university or college where you wish to study.

How to apply

Check with your college or university about the application form you need to complete for your chosen course and then apply online or get a form from Academic Registry or the Admissions Office.

Check when your chosen course starts as part-time courses commence at various dates and times throughout the academic year.  The date for submitting applications should be in the details about the course on the university/college website, or in the course prospectus.

What will the application form ask?

The form will ask you to list your previous qualifications and experiences - you may be able to use your previous work and life experience to help you meet the entry criteria for the course.  This is called accreditation of prior experiential learning (APEL). Find out more about ’Using your experience’.

A really important part of the application process is the ‘letter of application’ or ‘supporting statement’.  This is where you can ‘market yourself’ by highlighting your reasons for wanting to study a particular course, your aspirations for the future and the experience you already have that has prepared you for the demands of the course.  You should also include any interests or activities you do that are relevant to the course you want to study.

The information in your NE Career Engine HE Skills Map can help you complete your application.

You will also need to identify a referee. This is a person who is prepared to write a reference in support of your application.  This could be a recent employer, a teacher/tutor from a recent course you have done, someone you have done voluntary work for, etc.  It should be someone who knows you quite well and you should ask them beforehand if they are willing to write a reference for you. Also, prepare for your referee well. Make sure they know what they are expected to do so that they write in an appropriate style. Be aware that institutions check for plagerism so do not copy from other people!

Will I need an interview?

You may be asked to visit the university/college for an interview.  If you are asked to go for an interview don’t panic or get too nervous.  Generally, admissions staff are helpful and accommodating.

Find out how to prepare for an interview

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